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Your Home in Amherst ___________________

South Pleasant Street_ 143 Fearing Front Old Church and Library_

The home that I have lived in and cared for these past nineteen years at 143 Fearing Street, Amherst MA is now For Sale.

I purchased this home when I was only 26 years old and returning to school to study at UMass.

This house is in an ideal location, only one block from the campus and only three blocks from downtown Amherst.

This ideal location has allowed the house to pay for itself with the rental income I have collected, and allowed me to focus more fully on my studies, taking only minutes to travel to classes without a car.

Later when I worked at the University, this ideal location allowed me to enjoy lunches at home and return to work within the hour. This location would also be ideal for couples with children at home, or for students at UMass.

This site highlights the joy of living in this house and in the Town of Amherst. It is time to pass on the care of this home while I follow my partner as she pursues her graduate degree.

I hope that you can enjoy this home as much as I have.

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